Article 2

A Glance At Raster Animation!

My diagonal line study consists of two objects flying towards each other, which then collide. This produces an explosion that dissipates and spreads out over the subsequent frames. The purpose of my study was to show how you can make something seemingly complex using only simple diagonal lines. I used symmetry and repeated colors to give the piece an overall balance, as well as to keep the continuous repeating loop seamless. I added color for the explosion effect to make the piece more dynamic and interesting, but kept the original diagonal lines grey so they would be easy to tell apart from the explosion itself.

The timing I used is fast paced. I did this in order to make the animation seem more fluid and less clunky. With the higher speeds, it appears that the objects are moving through the space in between frames instead of jumping around. I also added a pause in the tenth frame, which is blank, in order to give you time to think about what happened before the cycle is repeated over again. This is because even after the work leaves the screen, your eyes still see it for a split second, and I wanted your brain to register that there is nothing there before it starts over.