It Will Make Your Head Spin!

For our flash animation project, we had to construct something around body movement. Immediately, I came up with the idea of my head spinning around in a circle. I thought it would be neat to show how by using a series of 2D images, you could create the appearance of a 3D object. The different angles of my head in each frame create this sense of depth in the piece, as your brain is tricked into thinking its 3 dimensional.

In order to achieve this, I first had to take pictures of my head at different, proportional angles. To accomplish this, I set up my swiveling desk chair in a corner of my room and set my tripod up about 5 feet in front of it. Then I set up my Nikon D50 camera on the tripod, and focused it on a pillow that I put in the chair. After this, it was just a matter of me hitting the 10 second delay timer and sitting in the chair, positioning myself in a slightly more rotated pose each time.

After I had the images, it was simply a matter of making vector layouts of my head at each different point in the spin: frontal, slightly turned to the side, profile shot facing right, almost all the way turned around, the back of my head, slightly turned to the left, profile shot facing left and finally almost all the way back around to the front. Then I simply put these vector representations into flash and set up the animation.